Virginia Tech’s Seafood Agricultural Research & Extension Center (AREC), Hampton, VA

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21,700 sqft
Virginia Tech

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The Virginia Seafood Agriculture Research Extension Center is a vital resource for the seafood, fisheries, and aquaculture industries worldwide. As a 5-decade old firm, JP Harvey Engineering Solutions has seen many changes in the industry and technology. They are utilizing the latest in MEP engineering excellence to stay ahead of their competitors. The firm understands that innovation is key to staying relevant in a fast-paced industry, and their work on the Virginia Seafood Agriculture Research Extension Center is a perfect example of their commitment to cutting-edge design.

The new 21,700 sqft facility is a far cry from the previous building which had sloping floors and was susceptible to flooding. The new building has been elevated to protect the occupied spaces from flooding, and the space underneath now functions as a 15-space parking garage. Raw water tanks have been located adjacent to the building to store untreated water drawn from the Hampton River. This water is then pumped through the facility for use in multiple wet labs.

The second floor houses all wet labs while the third floor houses the offices and other dry spaces. The new spaces are equipped with expanded seafood technologies, processing and microbiological laboratories, upgraded aquaculture and fisheries research facilities, water chemistry labs, expanded classrooms, outreach, and demonstration and training facilities, and additional workstations and accommodations for visiting faculty, students, and industry collaborators.

JP Harvey Engineering Solutions understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the MEP engineering industry. Their work on the Virginia Seafood Agriculture Research Extension Center facility is a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence.

(photo credit: RRMM Architects)

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