Historic Fort Wool Power Plant/Generation and Lighting, Hampton, VA

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15-acre (61,000 m²)
City of Hampton

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A national historic landmark and tourist destination originally conceived in 1817, Fort Wool (Formally Fort Calhoun) was built on a 15-acre (61,000 m²) artificial island southeast of Old Point Comfort in Hampton, Virginia. Construction and repairs continued for decades, because the foundation was unstable. Construction continued through the 1830s, when Andrew Jackson came to escape from the heat of Washington, D.C. As a young second lieutenant and engineer in the U.S. Army, Robert E. Lee was stationed there from 1831 to 1834. (This information and more can be found on the Fort Wool Wikipedia page.)

JP Harvey Engineering Solutions was the lead design firm to complete a City of Hampton signature gateway feature on Fort Wool.  An enormous American flag is displayed on the historic site, welcoming visitors that arrive by land or sea to both Hampton and the United States.

JP Harvey designed lighting and generator power to support the project in the short term and renewable energy supplies for the long term.

Ultimately the fort is powered by a combination of solar and wind power, which is also one of the region’s first solar/wind energy designs. Racks of photovoltaic cells and a wind turbine capture the energy and store it in a large battery bank.

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