JP Harvey Engineering Solutions | Ft. Lee Dining Facility
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Ft. Lee Dining Facility

Federal/Government, Sustainable/LEED

JPHES worked with Ft. Lee to on this design-build project to provide a sustainable facility for preparing and serving food in a seated dining area.  The seated area had to be versatile for use as a gathering place for group activities.  The facility was a new, single story 19,20 square foot Dining Facility for the Federal Government.  The facility is designed for 40 staffers to serve 800 soldiers/diners 3 meals per day within 90 minutes each (7 days a week for 52 weeks a year) with a seating capacity of 380. The project required detailed coordination with Kitchen Equipment to ensure all equipment received the required, power, water, air, gas, etc.  Additionally, this project was registered under LEED version 2.2 and achieved a LEED Gold Certification.  MEP Sustainable high efficiency chiller, high efficiency condensing boiler, high efficiency variable flow pumping systems, outdoor air energy recovery system, low flow plumbing fixtures, high efficiency lighting system, light pollution reduction, thermal comfort, good indoor air quality, ozone friendly refrigerants, and outdoor air delivery monitoring.