JP Harvey Engineering Solutions | J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College/Old Dominion University
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J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College/Old Dominion University

Higher Education, Office/Mixed Use
About This Project

JPHES provided design services for the M/E/P systems for the renovations of two facilities located at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College serving as a remote campus for Old Dominion University.  One facility included 1,515 SF of floor area at Burnette Hall which was built out for offices, classrooms, and a meeting room serving the ODU TELETECHNET distance-learning program.  The Georgiadis Hall renovation included 2,290 SF of floor area which was built-out primarily as office space with a conference room for the marketing and development program.  JPHES was a sub-consultant to Tymoff + Moss Architects for both of these BCOM projects.