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12 Aug Judi’s Anniversary!

Judi has been with us for 14 years now. She's been keeping us sane and on track since day one, so we're glad to have her! Thanks for all you do Judi!!!...

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13 Jun John’s Anniversary!

John Adams has hit lucky number 13 years with us on the 13th! John sets the example for the hard working culture we strive for here at JPHES. Keep on keepin' on, John!!!!...

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04 Jun Kim’s Anniversary!

Kim Gibbs has been here for 6 years today! As she continues to grow and take on more responsibilities, she offers her wisdom to her colleagues and helps lead them to success. You're doing great Kim! We're glad to have you!...

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26 May Richard’s Anniversary!

Richard Pugliese has been here for 9 years! Wow Richard, I can definitely see why you're becoming more confident! You have a solid amount of experience under your belt. Keep up the great work!...

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21 May Tony’s Anniversary!

Tony has been here for a whoppin' 11 years today! He's definitely gotten a lot of work done in his time here. He's been a great mentor for the younger folks, so we're going to need to keep him around!!...

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