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15 Jul New Employee!

Aloys Marcano graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Aloys is a previous sailor who enjoys building computer equipment in his spare time. It seems he's pretty well rounded to us! We're glad to have you Aloys!! ...

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11 Mar New Employee!

Levonne Young just joined our team as a Mechanical Designer. Levonee earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University and a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Welcome to the team Levonne! ...

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01 Oct New Intern!

Meet our new Mechanical Engineering intern, Charlie! Charlie has two more semesters left at Old Dominion University until he earns his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and playing soccer. We already enjoy working...

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12 Aug Judi’s Anniversary!

Judi has been with us for 14 years now. She's been keeping us sane and on track since day one, so we're glad to have her! Thanks for all you do Judi!!!...

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13 Jun John’s Anniversary!

John Adams has hit lucky number 13 years with us on the 13th! John sets the example for the hard working culture we strive for here at JPHES. Keep on keepin' on, John!!!!...

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